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May 27, 2014

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May 27, 2014

A Sexy Grid

A behind the scenes clip from this weekends photoshoot with Nassuna May10362117_279132078924697_1666324318_n

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May 26, 2014

Angie and Pam

Angie was sitting in her room at a hotel, waiting to meet Pam with whom she was supposed to have sex. Angie kept alternating between excitement and fear.
Since coming into the sphere of Jimmy and Maria she had entered a completely new world. She had been initiated into a swingers group, having sex with two men and being watched by several women, including the wives of the men, her daughter was in another room with Maria and a policeman who happened to be the husband of the woman she was waiting for. Confused? Just a  bit!
There was a knock on the door and Angie got up to answer. Angie had decided to wear a flowing caftan style robe that Maria had bought her the day before. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves and opened the door. The woman standing in front of her was younger, taller, slimmer and looked far more confident than Angie felt. Pam smiled and held out her hand ” I guess you are Angie? Lovely to meet you. Can I come in?” Angie stood and blinked, then shook herself. “I am sorry please come in”. Angie led the way and they stood in the center of he room.
“You will have to excuse my behavior. This has all happened very quickly and I think the reality has caught up with me”. Pam smiled ” Don’t worry I understand what you mean. The whole affair has turned me upside down. My husband in bed with your daughter and Maria. You and I here. Phew!”
They sat down and chatted, getting to know each other. They enjoyed each others company and spent half an hour making small talk. The important thing was it relaxed them.
“Maria said she had sensed some vibes from you and responded. Is that they way it was?”
“A bit but again I go to talk to a woman about my husband playing golf and our conversation took a turn far out of my expectations. It was my own fault as I told Maria how much John had talked about her. I had seen him almost salivating.”
Angie laughed “Jimmy and Maria certainly know how to take a conversation forward”. Angie then explained how Cee and Dee had been brought in to Jimmy’s orbit and how Angie had so much wanted to be included. She asked Pam if it was wrong knowing what her daughter was doing and still wanting to be involved.
Pam simply said it seemed to come with the territory, knowing her husband was committing adultery with two women less than 100 yards away.
She then told Pam about her weekend at the card game and the sex afterwards.
Angie finally summoned up the courage and leaning forward kissed Pam gently on the lips. “Oh my God” Angie giggled “Is that all right? I just felt it was the thing to do”.
Pam didn’t speak, just pushed herself out of her chair and knelt on the floor. She raised herself so that their faces were level. She kissed Angie, starting gently and gradually building up the intensity. Neither woman had done this before so it was all instinct and response. Angie twisted in her chair to better hold Pam but in doing so she held Pam’s left breast. Angie initially wasn’t sure as she thought she was holding a breast but there was no bra outline. Angie stopped kissing and looked down. She was holding Pam’s left breast. “Are you wearing a bra?” asked Angie. “No just a camisole under my blouse. Let me show you.”. With that Pam pulled her blouse over her head and there for Angie to look at was a slender freckled woman whose breasts were clearly outlined in a very sheer camisole.
More to come……
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May 18, 2014

Bath Time

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May 16, 2014


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